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During dry cleaning process, garments are being classified according to fabric type, color, type of stain and cleaning instructions for the best results. Water, special stain remedies and equipment are used to remove stains and dirt. After cleaning, the garments are ironed with professional ironing equipment and techniques. After being neatly packaged with a clean, protecting material, your garments are delivered to your address. In order to meet the daily dry cleaning demands of our customers, Melisa Dry Cleaning combines today's current technical developments with friendly home service. In doing so, materials that are not harmful to nature and human health are used.

Melisa Dry Clean- Tailor


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How to dry-clean the products?

The dry cleaning machine is a combination of domestic washing machine and dryer. The garments are placed in a washing / centrifuge chamber called the basket or drum which forms the core of the dry cleaning machine.


The numbered garments and textile products are then grouped according to their color so as not to interfere with other products. Some textile dyes will flow when they are immersed in the dry cleaning solvent because they are "loose" and the manufacturers do not perform the necessary tests.

How to pre-treatment for stains?

Products left in the cleaning basket are treated with pre-stain removal using professional stain removers on the stained tables on the cabinet.