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During dry cleaning process, garments are being classified according to fabric type, color, type of stain and cleaning instructions for the best results. Water, special stain remedies and equipment are used to remove stains and dirt. After cleaning, the garments are ironed with professional ironing equipment and techniques. After being neatly packaged with a clean, protecting material, your garments are delivered to your address. In order to meet the daily dry cleaning demands of our customers, Melisa Dry Cleaning combines today's current technical developments with friendly home service. In doing so, materials that are not harmful to nature and human health are used.

Melisa Dry Clean- Tailor


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Garment Care Tips

Wash your garments and other textiles according to the cleaning instructions on them, after separating them according to similar colors. Empty the pockets before washing, close the zippers and snaps in case of soap escaping, unbutton them and raise their collars.


Textile and garments for dry cleaning are carefully inspected before delivery from the customer. Information is received from the customer about the specified stains, if any, information is given to the customer about the deformations in the fabric.


Centrifugal machines used in classical cleaning methods, drying clothes under direct sun and ironing will damage your clothes, shorten the life of your products. Furthermore, it is not possible to provide adequate hygiene by conventional cleaning.